Elon Musk Net wealth come down 200 billion Dollar due to twitter deal

Elon Musk Net wealth  come down 200 billion Dollar as investors left Tesla’s shares out of fear that the world’s most valuable electric-vehicle manufacturer’s CEO and largest shareholder is more busy with Twitter. The data so far this year shows that Tesla’s shares have fallen by more than 50 percent. In the last five sessions, he fell about 15 percent.

According to some reports, the billionaire allegedly sold 19.5 million Tesla shares on Tuesday due to  Elon Musk Net wealth come down 200 billion Dollar, which is slightly lower than USD 4 billion. The shares in his electric vehicle company formally took up microblogging a few days after the social media platform Twitter handled the social media platform.

After Musk  accusation Twitter for US $ 44 billion,  there is a lot of changes in social media platforms. Twitter is being trimmed from its large scale. Soon after the acquisition by Musk, CEO of Twitter  Parag Aggarwal, were shown the way out from Twitter. After this, a large number of employees have been trimmed.

It is being told that the retrenchment has affected the ‘important part’ of the Indian team. Some media  believe that Twitter has fired most of its employees working in India. The company has sacked the entire team of many departments in India.

According to the sources Twitter have have faced lots of reaction from India. According To Many Sources lots of Indian Employees affected by Fired from Twitter . The Exact Reason of Layoff is not been informed to the public by twitter. However some report suggest Twitter is restructuring its business operation in India as part of the Global effort  to streamline its  workforce  and improve efficiency

Twitter Has Been expanding rapidly In India for its political discourse and social activism. Companies  has invested lots for Operation in India. building its team  with with talented employees. and developing partnership with local organizations. despite its Growth and popularity In India Twitter has face lots lots of  Political challange, censorship issue and much more.

Recent Layoffs Twitter’s  employees From Indian  Twitter faced lots of criticism  from employees, users and many advocacy Group.  Many of the political people believe that the twitter is a platform where they have right to express their opinion . but recent layoffs Indian employees from twitter have chilled their activities.

Critics of the layoffs have also raised their voice about that impact on the affected employees, who may now struggle to find work in a difficult job market after their layoffs . Many have expressed solidarity with the affected workers and called on Twitter to reconsider this matter and give support to those who have lost their jobs.

Despite the criticism, Twitter has not expressed any particular explanation for reason behind  layoffs, and it remains unclear what the company’s plans are for its Indian operations going forward. Some reports suggest that Twitter may now want to be shifting its focus to other markets in the region, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, where it has seen significant growth in recent years.

the recent layoffs at Twitter in India have sparked a heated debate about the role of technology companies in the country and the impact of their operations on the rights and freedoms of citizens.
Twitter didn’t provide any clear explanation for the layoffs, but it’s likely part of the company’s larger effort to streamline operations and improve efficiencies. But the impact of these layoffs on affected employees and the general public remains, and it’s clear that India’s Twitter controversy isn’t over.

Employees  working for several years in Twitter  are said to be shocked and devastated after listening this layoffs news.

In a conclusion India’s Twitter layoffs have increased widespread debate about the impact of technology on employment and the future of work. It’s understandable that companies can make strong decisions for ensuring long-term road map, but it’s also require  to treat employees fairly and have the right support in times of change. The case highlights for greater protections for employees in the tech sector and more active discussions  needed about the future of work in a rapidly changing world.
  Tesla’s Growing its presence in china  and making Gigafactory  For its Electric Vehicles and companies has got strong demand for its vehicles in china but other fact is Musk  wealth come down to 200 billion  dollar due to twitter deal some of his bad decision. and  that is why investors left Tesla’s shares out of fear.


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