Google will soon be Launching Driver-Less car Run without steering


Google will soon be Launching Driver-Less car: I

Instead of improving automatic cars made by other companies, Google decided to build these cars in-house. This machine will stop and go by pushing buttons, but no handles or paddles to steer.

Photos of this Google vehicle are known for the shape of a regular city car, suggesting that it is designed to provide stability from the front.

Along with this, it will help people automation technology will be adaptable among people

Google co-founder Serge Brin informed about companies plans at a press conference in California.
Chris Umson, director of the company’s automatic project, said, “We are really excited about this car.” This will be something that will carry forward the capabilities of automated technology.

He  also said that this car has the ability to improve the standard of living of the people by giving a new attractive look to the people,  but the people should research in this field are investigating the ability of the negative aspects of automated car technology.

They believe that such cars will be cause an accident in people drive this car in the urban or town area . people should understand the consequences before purchasing car

The world biggest media network BBC got an opportunity to meet Google’s team and talk about this confidential project and see the initial model of the car.

Google will soon be Launching Driver-Less car looks exactly like a cartoon. It does not have a bonnet like traditional cars.

This car has a seating area of two people and it will run by electricity. It can catch a maximum speed of 40 kmph. In    this way the safety of passengers will be ensured.

The most important features of this car it does not have any other control to stop without push button.

For initial testing, some additional controller has been added so that if a driver of Google faces any problem, he can gain control over it.

These controllers are normally be installed. Urmson says that with the help of the innovated technologies they will upgrade their car and after that they will remove controllers from their car.

The next  big part of this car has been made soft for the protection of people from accident. Its front part is made of soft substance like foam. The glass in the window of this car is quite flexible, so that the condition of the accident suffers less.

This car has laser and radar sensors. Apart from this, it also has a camera which can take data.

This car depends on Google’s road map, which is specifically built for their new project. It is being used in the fleet of the company’s vehicles.

Google has recently announced that their automatic car had completed seven million kilometers of journey on common roads. Now efforts are being made to remove the times on the busy roads of the city.

The company is planning to make 200 such cars in Detroit. Umson says, “We want to see these cars on the streets within a year.”

automated cars have the ability to bring revolutionary changes in traffic by making roads safe. This will reduce accidents and reduce jams and pollution.

According to government data, many people were killed or injured in a road accident in Britain.

According to Ron Medford, director of automated car team in Google and Deputy Director of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the mistakes of the driverless can  reduced road accident to a great extent by reducing the mistakes of the driver.

However,  Executive Director, Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, says that the driver -less car may also require manual instructions in dangerous circumstances and people can forget to drive a car due to not driving , which may cause create problems.


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